Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Miramar in Llanca

Tasting Menu 2011

Tequila, salt and lime
Crystalized nuts
Red clam, apple and celery
Quail's egg in tempura
Tomato and olive oil caviar
Mushrooms, truffle and foie gras tartlet
Carbonara " Frigo"
Vietnamese cappuccino
Fish and chips
Cherry with kirsch
Fresh almonds and summer truffle
Clam soup
King prawn with its juice and tangerine
Our small brain
Baby squid and fisherman' soup
Dim sum of Dublin Bay prawn and beef feet
Cream of corn, foie gras and duck sauce
Sticky rice of chanterelles and iberian secret
Grouper, its juice and croutons
Lemon and meringue cake
Pinecone, pine nuts, pine and chocolate

I don't think there is much to add... one of the best meals I have ever had....