Monday, December 04, 2006

Pineapple Granite

(Made on 03 December 2006)

I use this dish (and similar dishes) primarily as palate cleaner between starter(s) and main course(s). It can equally be made with fresh and canned pineapple although I prefer fresh when possible. If you use canned then reserve the liquid from the can to sweeten the granite.


  1. One whole pineapple;
  2. 20 grams fresh mint leaves;
  3. 150 ml champagne (or white vine or sweet desert vine or even vodka but you’ll need a sweetener such as honey to go with the vodka);


  1. Cut up the pineapple and reduce to mash in a food processor;
  2. In a mortar mash up the mint leaves and gradually work in the champagne;
  3. Mix the three ingredients in a large bowl and put into the freezer for four hours. Every thirty minutes take the bowl out and stir the granite. The idea is to end up with a flaky substance that you’d scoop up with a teaspoon.
  4. When it comes time to serve the granite and if it is too hard then either put it into a microwave oven for 20 sec or mix a bottle cap of a liquid such as champagne or vodka per serving. I serve the granite in whisky tumblers with teaspoons.

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