Saturday, May 19, 2007

A taste of Pisces

Piesces is a restaurant in the Madinat Jumeirah resort in Dubai; it is only one of 28 restaurants in the resort and my first dining experience. Below is their tasting menu.

I am treating myself as I am once again stuck in a foreign country by myself on a Saturday night. My meetings have gone well but I'm still alone for dinner and I must say that it's a bummer that we and the Middle East can't agree on when is weekend. So I'm planning to compensate by overindulcing on good food. Ten years ago I would have had a burger and hit the nightlife until I found company but I can not be bloody bothered anymore.

So here goes:

Apple wood smoked Salmon with White aspargus mousse, truffled quail egg and beluga caviar:

I'm afraid this one goes into the "trying way too hard" category. The basic problemn here is that it is a good idea let down by crap ingredients. You would need propper wild salmon to make this one work because farmed salmon is just too fatty and tasteless to carry a dish like this. That being said the mousse and quails eggs where excellent it is just that the whole thing did not work. There was beluga as well but I don't think two fish eggs really count as an ingredient so including them in the description was just a tad misleading.

Pan roasted scallop with Lobster sausage and white aspargus tarragon emulsion:

Now this was a truly inspirational dish although I'm not entirely sure why they lead off with the scallop as the main ingredients. Not that it was'nt perfectly coocked it is just that it was the lobster sausage and the sauce that made this dish. I have no idea how you make lobster sausage and not ruin the meat. They however clearly do because the sausage was as good as fresh lobster except crispy on the outside which added a je-ne-sais-pas-quais that I've never had before. The sauce was basically a liquid aspargus mousse heavily flavored with tarragon. But boy what a combination.

They also served the dish with a kiwi gewustraminer that was both excellent and very complementary to the tarragon sauce... Something to keep in mind gewustraminer and tarragon.

White grape sorbet and apple jelli as pallet clenser; very nice.

Confit of grey snapper with White aspargus risotto, king crab ravioli and lemmon beurre blanc:

I expected this dish to be way busy but in fact everything worked perfectly together. Maybe the crab was a little overwelmed but that is small change compared to a perfectly executed dish. The snapper was freesh and just right i.e. firm bust still moist. The risotto was al dente and the rather gentle taste of the aspargus very much apparent. Lemmon beurre blanc; what an idea to dump that on top of everything else but one that paid off handsomly. Possibly at the cost of drowning out the crab but this is actually a dish I"ll remember for a long time.

Pre dessert of strawberry icecream and vanilla mousse. Sounds good but because the mousse was actually made from yogurt it was great. Mmh

White chocolate mousse vanilla poached aspargus and rasberry sorbet.

Very good but I won't remember it next week


... Have to go to bed.

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