Friday, February 13, 2009

La Comptesse's Surprise

David post the following on his website as "One of my favorite recipes from Ari" and since I think he actually took the text from an email I sent him I am stealing it.

The name of the dish literally comes from the fact that we got it off a Comptesse. My Sis used to go to these cooking classes held by a very grand Belgian Comptesse. The classes where all attended by the kind of ladies who lunch and have kitchens large enough to accommodate cooking lessons for 20 at the time. She came back with all sorts of clever recipes from these sessions including this one.

We used the recipe for our first Christmas extravaganza and gave it the name La Comptesse's Surprise for the effect on the menu.

1. Smoked magret de canard
2. 1 pear
3. 2 endives
4. 3 lemons
5. Gorgonzola
6. Double cream
7. Salt & pepper

• Cube pears and endive into inch long pieces combine and douse with enough lemon juice to make moist. Leave aside for at least 2 hrs.
• Warm cheese in a pot until soft. Combine with cream and season.
• Pour over individual portions of salad until your need for fat is satisfied.
• Part cover salad with magret de canard fume or another smoked/ cured meat

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