Saturday, September 16, 2006


As a result of a particularly well made BBC program about sausages I had a craving that could not be denied and had lunch today at Bang! The sausage restaurant. The name I suspect is supposed to evoke the english nickname for sausages banger. One wonders if they bothered to research the origin of the nickname. Sausages got the name during WW II when producers filled them with water causing them to explode on the pan as the water expanded.

In any case Bang serves sausages from all over the world and mash and nothing else. I had a kentish pork sausage, a scottish beef and a classic Toulouse pork sausage. The verdict is that Bang gives specialisation a bad name. The sausages all tasted the same in a massproduced tasteless kind of way. Even the mash was completely tasteless as apparently the company has signed up to the no salt religion in a big way.

Total waste of time and a good craving.
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