Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mews of Mayfair

10-11 Lancashire Court, New Bond Street, Mayfair, LONDON, W1S 1EY

Had lunch there. Brand new Mayfair venue in a converted four storey town house that’s been turned into a very fancy bar (ground floor) and restaurant. The d├ęcor is very feminine all beige and white with very girly butterflies stamped on the wall. Quite pretty actually even if it is not exactly my style.

The food was a success though. I had the lunch menu for £19.50 for two courses which is a great deal in Mayfair. I chose a frothy celeriac soup that was finished off with a truffle olive oil and a roast rump of lamb both of which where beautiful. The lamb mainly because it was cooked to perfection with completely crispy outsides combined with moist insides. Not quite sure how they achieved this but I imagine it involves an very hot griddle.

The soup was pretty much a standard velute and would have been quite good without the truffle oil. With the truffle oil, however, it was excellent.

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