Sunday, August 08, 2010

Broad bean and Asparagus mousse with poached ducks egg


  1. 400 gr shelled broad beans (or peas);
  2. 300 gr asparagus (cut of the ends if fibrous);
  3. 50 gr rocket;
  4. 50 gr roasted pine kernels;
  5. 50 gr parmesan cheese;
  6. 150 ml chicken stock;
  7. 1 poached ducks egg per person;
  8. 4 rashes streaky bacon fried till crisp and cut into 2 cm pieces;
  9. 3 tbsp EVOO;
  10. 2 egg whites whipped to soft peaks;
  11. Grilled polenta medallions;
  12. Finely chopped chives;
  13. Salt & Pepper.


  1. Poach beans and asparagus in chicken stock until soft, pour off the stock and mash the vegetables in a blender;
  2. Make pesto with rocket, pine kernels, parmesan, salt and pepper;
  3. Combine pesto with vegetables mash and fold in egg whites;
  4. Make forms of grease proof paper same size as polenta medallion and fill with mousse up to 2 cm thick on a non stick oven tray bake at 200 degrees for 20 min;


  1. Cover the polenta medallion with the bacon;
  2. Put mousse on top of the polenta medallion and top with the poached ducks egg;
  3. Drizzle best quality EVOO over the egg (using truffle flavoured EVOO would be even better);
  4. Scatter a pinch of chives over the egg;
  5. Season with S&P.

Note: The mousse can be baked up to half an hour before serving but not much more or it will be too cold.

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