Monday, January 21, 2013

Chilli Con Carne

My CCC never tastes the same twice in a row mainly because I never use a recipe. Rather every time I want to make an CCC I start reading recipes. The final result depends very much on where I get my inspiration. Sometimes I will read Heston’s CCC recipe from in search of perfection and be inspired to make something unbelievably complicated or I’ll go with Jamie Oliver’s very simple chili.

I made a particularly good CCC today so I’ve decided to post it here as a reminder and so that poor Jules can be confident that her food tastes as expected.

  1. 1 tsp crushed dried chili;
  2. 2 tsp crushed cumin seeds;
  3. 1 tsp oregano (ideally wild);
  4. 2 tsp smoked paprika;
  5. 2 star anise;
  6. 500 gr minced meat ideally not the low fat version;
  7. 1 large carrot chopped fine;
  8. 1 stalk celery chopped fine;
  9. 2 large onions chopped fine;
  10.  4 cloves garlic roughly chopped;
  11.  2 finely chopped jalapeno peppers;
  12.  2 red peppers cut into 1 cm thick strips;
  13. 1 liter beef stock;
  14.  A double espresso;
  15. 2 400 gr tins chopped tomatoes;
  16.  400 gr kidney beans;
  17.  S&P;

  1. Dry roast ingredients 1 -4;
  2. Brown the meat in a very hot pan;
  3. Soften the onion & celery in the same pan;
  4. Add carrot and red pepper and let soften a bit;
  5. Add all the spices, garlic and jalapeno let fry for a minute or so;
  6. Add the beef and tomato, blend thoroughly;
  7. Add the espresso and stir it in;
  8. Add the stock, season to taste;
  9.  Let simmer for up to 2 hours;
  10. Add beans and let simmer until beans are ready.
  11. Serve with Crème fraise and grated cheese.

Additional ideas:
  1.  Chives;
  2.  Couple of squares of bitter 70% chocolate;
  3. Add the red pepper when there is ½ hour left of the cooking time so that they retain some texture;
  4. Chilli Mix (replaces the dry chilli and Jalapeno above):
    1. Chipotle Morita - 3/5 hot, smoke-dried jalapeño; 
    2. Habaneros - 5/5 hot, this is the source of the spicy background heat; 
    3. Guajillo - 2/5 hot, slightly sweet out in front taste;
    4. Mulato - 1/5, chocolaty, licoricy taste;
    5. Ancho (poblano) Chilli - 1/5, Similar to Mulato not sure I really need both;
    6. Cascabel - 2/5, toasty, nutty flavour. 

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