Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bacon Wrapped Scallops and Fig Spear with Wasabi Sauce

  1. 2 Large scallops per person;
  2. 3 dried figs per person;
  3. 1 Streaky bacon strip per scallop;
  4. Salt & Pepper;
  5. Butter and Olive Oil to fry in;
  6. For the Sauce:
  7. Wasabi cream;
  8. Crème fraise;
  9. Accadia Honey;
  10. White vine vinegar;

Wrap the scallops in the bacon and with a wood pin spear them in such a way that each scallop is held securely in place by a dried fig on either side. In a heavy bottomed pan heat the butter and oil until the butter simmers. Fry the scallop spear for just over a minute on each side that is covered in bacon. Serve with a drissel of sauce over a leaf of little gem lettuce.

To make the sauce simply mix the cream, wasabi and honey until you have a sauce that tastes clearly of wasabi, burns a little bit at the back of the mouth but is not very strong. Add the vinegar until you have a consistency whereby the sauce runs easily off a spoon but is still thick.

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