Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Pizzeria Trattoria
6 Hollywood Road
London SW1 9HY
Tel: 0207 376 3890
(Went there 23-01-07)

For some reason it is very hard to find a half way decent pizza in London. For some reason most of the pizza available in this super wealthy mecca of food is either cardboard like or so drenched in fat (from the cheep cheese usually) that it is inedible. My favourite is actually from a tiny little Italian tratteur on Abbey road which for some reason serves absolutely brilliant pizza but I’ve not been there since I moved.

Yesterday, on our way to a Chelsea game, we stopped at the Napolitan Pizzaria Friends over in Hollywood road. They have fantastic pizza and a wood fired oven. In addition they have a salad bar that is one of the best value in this city. Basically, great antipasti from whole mozzarella to very good quality Parma ham.

My pizza was called Friends Traditional and had tomato base, mozzarella, Parma ham, black olive pesto and Truffle oil. Pizza with truffle! I mean what is there not to like! Normally, I do not hold with the fashion of putting pesto on everything in sight but this really worked and combined with a great crunchy pizza base made for a fantastic pizza.

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