Sunday, March 01, 2009

Pasta alla Gricia

I thought I had already posted the recipe for Pasta alla Gricia after my trip to Rome for new year's 2007. I thought I had gotten the recipe of David but apparently not as I can't find it either on my PC or on the blog. I however, really fancied Gricia yesterday so I researched the recipe and here is what I made yesterday:


  1. 150 gr guanciale, (this is the extremely fatty pork cheek. You can also use unsmoked bacon but that just does not quite do it for me) diced. I found guanciale of Spanish Pata Negra pork that tasted fantastic;
  2. 1 Chopped red chilli pepper;
  3. 500 gr pasta (bucatini, ziti, or spaghetti);
  4. 5 tbsp EVOO;
  5. Salt & pepper;
  6. 100 gr pecorino romano cheese, freshly grated.


  • Put the olive oil, guanciale and red pepper in a large heavy bottomed frying pan. It is important to put the ingredients into the pan cold as the role of the oil is to help render the bacon fat which is ultimately what the sauce is made of. Heat to medium heat and fry until the bacon is browned;
  • At the same time have the pasta boiling in a large quantity of salted water;
  • When the bacon is browned put a ladleful of the pasta water in the pan let evaporate and repeat until the pasta is ready;
  • Add the pasta to the pan along with 80% of the cheese and toss vigorously. Server immediately with the remaining cheese.

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